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Seychelles is a small country and to see it all and do it all, we are presenting you perfect 9 days itinerary.
Seychelles is getting popular these days as a honeymoon destination. we heard about it for the first time when the royal Prince William & Kate went there for their honeymoon. That is when we came to know about this beautiful country.

We spent 6 full days in the island during our stay and missed few of the sights and activities. Hence we came up with the perfect itinerary for 9 days so that you do not repeat the mistakes we did.

If you are looking for a guide then do check here, all you need to know about Seychelles

9days/8nights Seychelles itinerary

Please note, you can customise this Seychelles itinerary based on your area of interests and puropse of travel. For example, if you are not interested in activities and looking for a relaxing trip then you may shorten the number of days by 1 or 2.

DAY1 to DAY3 at Praslin Island 

Day 1:

Take a flight that reaches early morning in Mahe, post 1-2 hrs of immigration formalities take a flight to reach Praslin island. Our suggestion would be to stay near Corte d’or beach; we stayed at Cindy’s AirBnB. You can also choose to stay near Anse Kerlan as it’s close to airport. This day is for relaxation and chilling at the nearby beaches. ·      

Day 2:

This day is completely for exploring the island and it’s beautiful beaches. Take a car rental & hit the road. Depending on which part of the island you are staying you head towards the other part. Corte d’or is sunrise beach, early morning enjoy the sunrise and post breakfast head towards Anse Lazio. This beach is the most beautiful beach in the island so enjoy and have lunch there. Post lunch drive to Vallée de Mai, enjoy the dense forest of huge palm trees & coco-de mer plantation. Post those enjoy the sunset at Anse Kerlan or Anse georgette. If you are staying at Anse Kerlan then do vice versa.  

Day 3:

This day is solely kept for activities. If you like scuba diving then you can go for a diving trip with Whitetip divers or Octopus divers. If you like snorkeling then you can go for a half/full day snorkeling trip with them. Not interested? Then you can go for a island hopping trip with beach bbq, namely Curieuse island to see the giant tortoises. If these are still not interesting then go for hike from Anse Lazio to Anse Georgette, best of luck in that cause we tried and lost our way and had to return back.

DAY4 to DAY6 at La Digue

Day 4:

Today take the earliest ferry possible to La-Digue Island. I will highly recommend staying at Mera’s if it’s available. Rent a bicycle for two days, check in and then head for Anse Source D’Argent. This beach has entry ticket 150SCR/day, so enjoy the entire day at the beach and it’s adjacent beaches. Using the same ticket you can enter the beach multiple times on that day, make sure you enjoy the mesmerizing sunset at the worlds most photographed beach.      

Day 5:

Early morning bike ride to Grand Anse to see the sunrise. Then from Grand Anse take the trail parallel to the beach till Petite Anse. Enjoy the glass like transparent huge waves, turquoise blue water and white sand beach. After some time hike to Anse Coco beach, snorkel there. Try to push yourself a little bit more to hike to this beach, we missed this hidden gem as the trail was not clear, and came to know later what we missed. While returning have breakfast at Grand Anse and free visit at La Veuve Reserve to enjoy the beautiful birds and trees in La Digue. Post lunch cycle to Anse Severe and Anse Patates to enjoy sunset. If you want you can go beyond these two beaches but my suggestion would be ride up to Chez Jules Restaurant, beyond that not worth the effort. ·      

Day 6:

Today you go for snorkeling half/full day trip to Sister island, Felicite Island and Coco island. If you take full day trip then BBQ lunch by the beach is included. Otherwise, you will be back by lunch. If you have energy left after all day snorkeling, then enjoy the hike to Nid d’Aigle for a breathtaking view and sunset (avoid hiking during rainy season).

DAY7 to DAY9 at Mahe

Day 7:

Take the morning boat today to reach Mahe island. My suggestion would be to stay near Beau Vallon. We stayed at Cella Villa, Anse La Mouche. After checking in take a bus from Victoria to Bel Ombré and hike Morne Blanc view point for a spectacular view of the island. In the evening enjoy sunset at Beau Vallon beach.

Day 8:

Rent a car today and roam around Mahe. Start with visiting the southern part of the island beaches such as Anse Intendence, Anse La Mouche, Petite Anse. Later drive to to Victoria to see clock tower, Hindu temple and fruit market.       

Day 9:

Next morning drive to the airport, return the car and say goodbye to Seychelles.

Cost Breakup of Seychelles Itinerary

Our cost for the entire trip including food, drinks, transport and car rental was ₹34k per person (excluding flight) for 6 nights on 2014. Travel cost updated as per 2024

SeychellesTaken in Euro
Hotel Stay/AirBNB Shared Washroom60
Hotel Stay/ AirBnB Private Washroom75
Hotel Stay/AirBnB with kitchen100
Luxury stay150
Island hopping to Curieuse & St Pierre Island60
Half day Snorkelling trip50
Dine in 30 per meal
Takeaway10 per meal
Drinking Water 10ltr4
Inter island Transfer by Ferry 60
Car Rental 60

If you are coming from India and take direct airSeychelles flight from Mumbai, then your flight tickets will be around 35k-45k return per person.

If you need further detailed help customised for you then contact us, we will be happy to make a customised itinerary with a nominal cost.

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