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If you are on a road trip in Wild Coast, South Africa then it’s worth a visit to Hole In the Wall at Coffee Bay. The formation of this natural wonder of South Africa is still unnoticed by many travellers. It’s a hill; or broken cliff of a hill by the bay, with a perfectly curved hole in the centre.

The Hole in the Wall is located at the Mpako river mouth, made up of sand stone, mud stone, over millions of years. As it is located at the cliff side, it is exposed to the sea, as a result the sea over the million years ate up the softer portions of the rock to seclude the Wall from the mainland. Over the years the waves crashed towards the rock and curved a perfect hole in the wall.
There are many mythical explanation for the hole formation but we’ll stick to the scientific explanation.

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coffee bay hole in the wall
coffee bay hole in the wall

When we were planning a trip here, we found very little information, so we are providing you all the information from our road trip experience.

Where to Stay in Coffee Bay?

Hole in the wall , although lesser known among the tourists but is popular among the surfers. You will find two or three expensive resorts to stay here. Apart from that there are many backpackers lodge you can chose suitable to your budget. There are few airBNB options, but we’ll suggest to do some research before booking, because the place is a little bit dodgy.

We have stayed in Sugarloaf backpackers you can check here our review.

How to reach Hole in the Wall in Coffee Bay?

The road to this place is decent, except only the patch going towards the hole in the wall is muddy and can be tricky driving a hatchback during monsoon season. We drove a Nissan Micra in month of December but it managed well.

Google Maps and GPS works well so drive as per the direction and you’ll be sorted. Once you reach and park your car, walk towards the hole. There will be some kids asking money in exchange to help you with the direction. Honestly, you can manage on your own no need for hiring a guide.

What about Food?

There are few cafes and restaurants here, but it will be advisable to stick to the hotel or backpackers and have your food there at night. The place is remote and isolated, so to avoid any problem sticking to the hotel for food is best bet.

Our Experience in Coffee Bay

We landed in East London airport, got a rented car and drove all the way to Hole in the Wall, Coffee Bay. It took us around 4-5hrs, we halted at a petrol pump for fuel and get some food on the go. This was our first day of the epic road trip, and we loved every bit of it. The highway was picturesque with small South African traditional huts in between. We stayed at Sugar loaf back packers, they have a watched parking lot, protected boundary and comfortable stay. Absolutely, loved our stay with them, their review some other day. We freshened up and directly headed towards the Hole In the Wall.

The drive was beautiful. It took us 15-20 mins to reach  Hole In the Wall, Coffee Bay stopping in between for pictures. We had seen Hougaard Malan’s beautiful photos of the Hole, and when we reached, we just loved the place. If you are in a group or interested in photography we’ll suggest you to go before sunrise and capture the landscape. We spent quite sometime there and then went back to our abode.

Wild coast is famous for sunrise, so we woke up to capture the sunrise but our bad luck it was cloudy that day. We took a few shots and headed back to the backpackers to start journey to our next stop.

If you would like to see our journey check out our vlog.

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