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India has plenty of home-stays and hotels but lately there are unique airBnB in India that is becoming a trend. You can be on a budget or splurge to stay in these unique properties located all over India. It can be your Instagram goal or bucket list to stay in unique airbnb India. We have listed all cool and unique airBnBs in India that you can chose from property type wise. Lets us know in the comments which one is your favorite.

Beach Front/ Water front

These beachfront or water front homes are unique and located either near a river, beach or lake. You will have easy access from your stay to the water front.

Island Stay

Island stays in India are very unique, cause we are talking about a stay in isolation not in an island trip. The islands might be isolated by lake or river island or at times proper islands. This is one of those cool AirBnB to select.

Cabin in the Woods

Cabin in the woods are the list of properties that are secluded either in mountains or forests. It will mostly be like wooden cabins, secluded from the hustle bustle of city life.

Dome Stays

Dome stays are quite common abroad but in India it is just comping up. You might try your luck and experience booking one of the below properties.

Tree House

Tree houses are just the name says, home-stays on top of trees. Earlier it was a luxury affair to book a tree house but now a days lot many unique tree house airBnBs coming up in India that are affordable.

Castle Stays

Castles are a dream stays, and always on my top list I would love to stay in a castle and feel like a princess. If you are like me then you can definitely checkout these properties for your next vacation.

A-Frame Cabins

These are alpine like A frame wooden cabins that are coming up in India these days. These are nice properties that you can checkout.

Shipping Containers

Shipping containers are the most innovative and unique AirBnB in India. I am not that fond of the whole concept but it is pretty interesting to try once.

Please note all the above unique AirBnB in India are caters to all type of travelers. Even the insane super luxury once are for group friends and family, in turn won’t cause a bankruptcy. Do let us know which one you would like to stay.


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